Every Movie You Need To Watch This Winter

Photo by Deborah Breen Whiting.

Ah, the cold weather has arrived and you’ve begun entertaining the thought of never leaving your home all winter long… same. It’s understandable, as the thought of going outside when it’s frigid and snowy sounds less than ideal, especially to:

  1. Find a storage place.
  2. Find a storage place that isn’t sketchy.
  3. Find a storage place that isn’t overpriced.
  4. Find a storage place that won’t have bed bugs, rats, hand grenades or human body parts (yes, those things have actually been found in storage units).

The good news is you won’t ever have to step foot outside to deal with storage if you use Stashable AND we’ve got a killer movie list that’s perfect for your I’m-never-leaving-the-house-this-winter motto.

Here are our 52 picks for the must-see films of winter (and our one-sentence sell). Cozy up on a couch nearest you!


1. Top Gun

A hot beach volleyball game turns into an aerial dogfight against Communism. ‘Merica!

2. Snowpiercer

A story about a man and his love for trains.

3. Independence Day

Bill Pullman is our President. Will Smith punches aliens. Jeff Goldblum plays himself.

4. The Dark Knight

A love story of an orphan who dresses in a bat costume, and a homicidal clown.

5. Saving Private Ryan

The search for Matt Damon. And the need to save him.

6. Mad Max: Fury Road

A crazy man loses his car during a milk run.

7. The Raid

Non-stop action sequences.

8. District B-13

Parkour in French.

9. Pacific Rim

Giant robots beating up monsters.

10. Snatch

Incompetent jewel thieves make a bad deal with a group of Irish Gypsies.


11. Jah-Rassik Parq

Dinosaurs n’stuff.

12. Highlander

There can be only one! Also, Queen did the entire soundtrack.

13. Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory

A prequel to Snowpiercer.

14. Legend

Tom Cruise versus a red, demonic Tim Curry.

15. Willow

Val Kilmer wishing he could make a movie as cool as Legend.


16. Airplane!

The Plane’s going to Chicago. The Pilot’s going to New York. The Passengers are going to Pieces!

17. Clue

Rich people get together in a spooky mansion, eat monkey brain soup, and must figure out who killed a guest.

18. Clerks

This job would be great if it weren’t for the customers.

19. Kindergarten Cop

Arnold plays a detective who goes undercover as a kindergarten substitute teacher.

20. Spaceballs

An evil empire seeks to steal all the air from a peaceful group of sleepy druids.

21. Top Secret!

Val Kilmer as a spy.

22. Shaun of the Dead

A loser who’s girlfriend dumps him during the Zombie Apocalypse.

23. The Golden Child

Eddie Murphy in a really bad supernatural thriller.

24. Coming to America

Eddie Murphy as Black Panther.


25. Seven Samurai

Seven dudes come together to help a group of farmers who probably should have learned to fight rather than farm rice.

26. Castaway

A dude and his volleyball.

27. Little Miss Sunshine

What happens when a family feeds into a child’s dream of being anything she wants only to see her fall. Steve Carell plays a depressed uncle.


28. It

An unruly gang of children attempt to stop a friendly clown that invites people into his home to learn how to float.

29. It Follows

A young woman battles imaginary people that are just attempting to return stuff that she dropped.

30. Sleepaway Camp

A horrible 80’s slasher with bad acting, short shorts, and a twist ending.

31. The Thing

A science team in the Antarctic is trapped with an alien shapeshifter and no one knows who is really who they say they are.


32. About Time

Dating is so hard that it’s just easier to go back in time and do it over.

33. Princess Bride

It’s starring Cary Elwes, and there’s not much more you need to know.

34. How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days

It’s starring Matthew Mcconaughey, and there’s not much more you need to know.

35. Blue Valentine

Best anti-date movie.

36. Interview with a Vampire

Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt as vampires.


37. They Live

An everyday man discovers a pair of sunglasses that reveal the truth of who really runs the world.

38. Moon

A man stranded on the moon with a depressed robot and himself.

39. Arrival

To warn us about the future, aliens arrive on earth to give us the message out of order.

40. Batteries Not Included

What if ET was a cute robot.

41. Star Trek 2: Wrath of Khan

William Shatner and Ricardo Montalban try to over-act each other

42. Tron

What goes on inside your computer.

43. Ex Machina

When AI lies.

44. The Matrix

Tron in Black Leather.

45. Akira

Animated Cyberpunk story that makes no sense but is visually stunning.

46. Gravity

Best viewed with surround sound system.


47. No Country for Old Men

I’ll drink your milkshake. (Close enough, right?)

48. A Clockwork Orange

A movie that will forever change how you respond to “Singing in the Rain”.

49. Shutter Island

What happened to Jack after he survived the Titanic.


50. The Lobster

How society looks at living a single life in a dystopian society. Dark humor.

51. Holy Motor

Limousines and Kylie Minogue.

52. Unbreakable

One of the only two good M. Night Shyamalan movies.

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