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What are the storage costs?

Storage costs vary by location. Get an estimate by providing your ZIP or postal code. All prices reflect a minimum 3- or 6-month storage period (excluding promotions). As a new concierge storage customer, your first pick-up appointment is absolutely free of charge.

What are your pickup and delivery rates?

New concierge storage customers get a completely free pick-up on their first pick-up appointment!

Additional pick-ups and deliveries are charged at a rate of $50/hour per professional moving your stuff. Large or heavy items may require multiple movers. For instance, in the event you have large furniture to move, you would have two movers for a total rate of $100/hour.

Your appointment time starts when our Stashable driver shows up to the moment she or he pulls away. You will not be charged for driving time.

If I don’t use all the storage bins I used, will I be charged?

No problem! Our drivers will take any unused storage bins back to our storage units for free.

Can I request some, but not all of my belongings?

Certainly! You can request only the items you need.

If I have my belongings returned in the middle of my billing cycle, do I have to pay for my entire month?

We do not prorate months for our services or storage units and plans. If you have your items delivered out of our storage units and facilities before the next billing cycle you will not be charged for the following month.

What happens if I move stuff from back and forth from storage?

We have plenty of customers who schedule frequent pick-ups and drop-offs to fit their lifestyle. Standard pick-up and drop-off charges apply.

What happens if I am late making a payment?

A $50 late fee will be applied to your account for every 30 days it is past due. To schedule a drop-off, your account must be current and balance free. Accounts that fall 90 days past due are subject to lien.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Stashable accepts all major credit cards. Your monthly storage fee is automatically billed to your preferable payment account.

How do I update my billing or contact info?

Please call customer support at (646) 828-8000.

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